Blister Packaging: Unmatched performance and reliability in healthcare delivery.

Our blister pack designs offer a high-quality appearance and outstanding performance, ideal for a wide range of medical devices, from heavy to differently shaped items. They are characterized by a tidy appearance and are particularly efficient in automation, making them ideal for larger quantities. In addition, we develop suitable protective packaging that optimally protects the blister during transportation, ensuring a comprehensive, safe and efficient packaging solution for your medical technology products.

Stylish and Secure Blister Packaging

Blister packaging provides a premium look that elevates your medical products. Not only visually appealing, but they also offer effective protection for your products. This type of packaging ensures your products are presented securely and stylishly.

Strong Performance for Heavy Products

Blister packaging is ideal for heavier medical technology products, offering excellent performance. They combine robustness with flexibility to securely package even demanding products. These packages are a reliable solution for challenging applications.

Clean Lines, Tidy Look & Elegant Presentation

Blister packaging is characterized by a tidy appearance. They provide a clear and structured presentation of your products. This type of packaging ensures an appealing and orderly product presentation.

Versatile Packaging Options

Generic outer blisters allow for the use of differently shaped inner blisters. This flexibility enables versatile use for various product shapes. Blister packaging thus offers an adaptable solution for diverse medical technology products.

Efficiency in Mass Production

Blister packaging is ideal for larger quantities as it allows for excellent automation technology. This type of packaging increases efficiency in production and packaging. It is a cost-effective solution for mass production.

Soft Blisters in Automation

Blister packaging can also be used as soft blisters in an automated Form Fill Seal (FFS) system. This flexibility allows for efficient and rapid packaging. Soft blisters provide a practical solution for automated packaging processes.

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