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Pouch packaging with Clean Cut Cards: “Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly”

Pouch packaging with Clean Cut Cards represents an innovative solution in the medical packaging industry that combines cost efficiency, quick implementation and special suitability for long products such as catheters. This type of packaging is characterized by its minimal use of materials and easy disposal, making it an environmentally friendly choice. In addition, we develop a special protective packaging that minimizes movement within the packaging and enables easy opening and safe removal of the sterile barrier. This holistic approach improves handling in everyday medical practice and sets new standards in terms of safety and efficiency.

Cost efficiency

Pouch packaging with Clean Cut Cards is characterised by its cost efficiency. Thanks to low mould costs, they offer an inexpensive alternative without compromising on quality.

Fast realisation

The fast and efficient realisation of pouch packaging with Clean Cut Cards makes them a preferred choice for time-critical developments and enables a fast time-to-market.

Simple disposal

In the hospital context, the advantage of this packaging is that it can be easily compressed, which simplifies waste disposal. This contributes to more efficient waste management and helps hospitals to handle their waste.

Efficient solutions for set packaging

This type of packaging can be used to pack sets of medical instruments. They enable the organised and safe storage of different components, ensuring handling and maintaining sterility.

Environmentally friendly packaging option

Pouch packaging with Clean Cut Cards is a sustainable choice as it minimises the environmental footprint by using less material. They offer an environmentally conscious packaging solution that still fulfils high safety and hygiene standards.

Ideal for long medical products

Long medical products such as catheters require special packaging solutions. Pouch packaging with Clean Cut Cards offers the ideal protection and the necessary flexibility to pack such products safely and efficiently.

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