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Enhance Your Healthcare and Pharma Packaging with Our Trusted Solutions. Whether you require sterile barrier pouches or customized options, we assure compliance and product safety, strengthening your supply chain reliability.

Optimum product fixation

Peel pouches offer excellent product fixation thanks to the vacuum packaging option. The combination with a TPU insert further increases performance.

Ease of use

Thanks to the chevron seam, peel pouches are extremely user-friendly. They can be opened easily and securely, which ensures efficient handling in the hectic daily hospital routine.

Affordable sealing systems

Benefit from low acquisition costs for the sealing system. Peel pouches are designed to be compatible with a wide range of sealing devices, which reduces implementation costs.

Wide range of standard formats

Peel pouches are available in a variety of standard formats to suit your needs. This enables a quick and efficient solution for your packaging requirements, without additional mould costs or long development times.

Specific inlays for optimum fixation

specially developed folding box inlays enable peel pouches to be optimally fixed within the packaging. These customised solutions minimise movement and effectively protect the contents by reducing vibrations and shocks during transport.

Wide range of materials for specific requirements

Peel pouches are available in a wide range of materials that can be precisely matched to the selected sterilisation method and specific product requirements. This also includes materials with special barrier layers, for example against water vapour or oxygen, to ensure optimum protection and product integrity.

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