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At Pharca, we specialise in the development and design of advanced packaging for the healthcare sector. Our expertise covers a number of critical areas to deliver high quality packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Accurate analysis of your needs

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the intended use, performance requirements and user needs to translate these into precise design specifications. This meticulous approach ensures that our packaging solutions are perfectly aligned with your objectives.

ISO 11607-1 compliant medical device packaging

We are leaders in the development of sterile and non-sterile medical device packaging systems in strict compliance with ISO 11607-1. Our commitment to quality and compliance ensures the safety and protection of your products.

Pharmaceutical packaging excellence

From primary packaging that comes into direct contact with the pharmaceutical product, to secondary and tertiary packaging for shipping, our experts develop comprehensive solutions. Our goal is to enhance product protection and brand appeal.

User-focused design

We place great emphasis on usability and focus on the IEC62366-1:2015 standard. Our user-friendly packaging systems make interaction intuitive and increase the satisfaction of both patients and medical staff.

Choosing the right material

We carefully evaluate packaging materials, taking into account sterilisation methods, pack/product interactions and resistance to ageing. This attention to detail ensures the longevity and integrity of your products.

Supplier selection

Working with the right suppliers is essential. We carefully evaluate suppliers of packaging materials and machinery and work with them to ensure consistent quality and efficiency.

What our clients say

“We needed a competent partner for a time-critical change to one of our packaging systems for a disposable medical product. The Pharca team’s understanding of the requirements, experience of protective packaging and creativity enabled them to develop a solution that will ensure our products continue to be transported safely until they are used by our customers.”

Sascha Greßer | Teamleader R&D Specialists & Assist Systems

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