Packaging Lifecycle Management

Maintaining excellence:
The Art of the Packaging Lifecycle

Take a journey through the lifecycle of your packaging. Each stage offers the opportunity to optimise design, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve sustainability. Ensure efficiency, compliance and reduced environmental impact at every stage.

Due diligence support

As part of due diligence, Pharca will review packaging systems and processes for compliance and performance to ensure an informed assessment and risk minimisation for our clients.

GAP Analysis of Existing Packaging Documentation

We analyse your existing packaging documentation and test results and provide a detailed GAP analysis. This will show where gaps exist and how they can be addressed efficiently to bring your packaging up to the latest regulatory requirements.

Packaging Specifications and Technical Drawings

If existing documentation is inadequate, we will create new packaging specifications, optimise existing ones, add technical drawings and improve documentation. Our approach ensures that all packaging requirements are complete and up to date.

Reduce packaging complexity and variety

We analyse the design and diversity of your existing packaging systems, develop a harmonisation plan and help you implement it. This reduces variety, complexity and cost.

Packaging transfer

Are you planning to transfer a packaging design to another site or implementing an existing design? We can help you with manufacturing transfer activities. So the transfer has minimal regulatory impact and can be implemented quickly and efficiently..

Electronic instructions for use

The use of electronic manuals saves costs and protects the environment. We can help you make your products E-IFU compliant and develop a compliant labelling strategy.

What our clients say

When working with Mr. Heizmann, I particularly appreciated his expertise, friendliness and openness. Thanks to his forward-looking planning and solution-oriented approach, he made a significant contribution to the timely introduction of tamper-evident packaging.
Beate Hub | Head of Regulatory Operations / Business Demand Partner
I would like to express our satisfaction with the services provided by Pharca GmbH. Over the past few years, Pharca has effectively supported our packaging and sustaining engineering processes, by developing software tools to simplify packaging management. Their competent support in responding to Notified Body deficiency letters and various packaging changes has been very valuable to us. The collaboration has always been professional and efficient.

Roland Niklaus | Manager R&D, Packaging Supply

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