Tailored and focused packaging verification

Enter the world of packaging verification where every detail is scrutinised to perfection. Find out how we make sure your packaging not only looks perfect. It also works perfectly. Learn about the art and science behind design that impresses and protects. And never compromises.

Performance testing

Conducting in-depth studies to evaluate the performance of packaging to meet the transportability, protection and functionality criteria set out in ISO and ASTM standards.

Stability assessment

In-depth analysis of the stability of the packaging to ensure that the integrity of the sterile barrier and functionality are maintained for the desired period of time and that the stability requirements of ISO and ASTM standards are met.

Usability testing

Conducting usability tests to evaluate the ease of use and overall user experience of the packaging. Tests are conducted in accordance with current ISO and ASTM usability engineering standards.

Compliance with standards

Packaging standards are important for design validation in the medical device industry. We are familiar with these standards and apply them consistently. In addition, we invest in ongoing training to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest developments in medical device packaging. .

Creation of Validation Protocols

We develop comprehensive validation protocols that accurately confirm critical design aspects of your packaging. Strict adherence to current ISO and ASTM standards ensures the highest level of performance and guarantees flawless product registration.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

We analyse data from performance, stability and usability studies, deriving meaningful insights to optimise packaging design and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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